Vol. 12 Num. 2, 1999

Stany de SMEDT and Andrew KHRENNIKOV
A p-adic behavior of dynamical systems
Andreas DEFANT, Paweł DOMAŃSKI, and Mieczysław MASTYŁO
Extension and splitting theorems for Fréchet spaces of type 2
Wolf-Dieter HEINRICHS The density condition in projective tensor products
Generalized Fourier expansions for distributions and ultradistributions
Alberto CAVICCHIOLI, Beatrice RUINI, and Fulvia SPAGGIARI Cyclic branched coverings of 2-bridge knots
Chuichiro HAYASHI, Hiroshi MATSUDA, and Makoto OZAWA Tangle decompositions of satellite knots
Hélène MAUGENDRE Topologie comparée d'une courbe polaire et de sa courbe discriminante
Ioan POP An approach to shape covering maps
Arthur G. WASSERMAN Extending algebraic actions
Lucio R. BERRONE Coalescence of measures and f-rearrangements of a function
Alexander Yu. KHAPALOV
Global controllability properties for the semilinear heat equation with superlinear term
Orlando LOPES
Instability of radial standing waves of Schrödinger equation on the exterior of a ball