Vol. 13 Num. 1, 2000

Julián AGUIRRE, Fernando CASTAÑEDA, and Juan C. PERAL High rank elliptic curves of the form y2 = x3 + Bx
Geometric genera for ample vector bundles with regular sections
Manfred STREIT and Jürgen WOLFART Characters and Galois invariants of regular dessins
Kamal BOUSSAF, Nicolas MAÏNETTI, and Mohamed HEMDAOUI
Tree structure on the set of multiplicative semi-norms of Krasner algebras H(D)
Lech DREWNOWSKI Lacunary convergence of series in L0 revisited
Amparo FÚSTER SABATER and Luis J. GARCÍA VILLALBA Sobre el parámetro complejidad lineal y los filtros no lineales de segundo orden
Carmen ANIDO and Teófilo VALDÉS Censored regression models with double exponential error distributions: an interative estimation procedure based on medians for correcting bias
Adnan MELEKOĞLU A family of M-surfaces whose automorphism groups act transitively on the mirrors
Amina OUAZZANI Algèbres de Lie libres associées a un système de Pfaff
Philippe BÉNILAN and Noureddine IGBIDA Limite de la solution de ut -Dum + div F(u) = 0 lorsque m®¥
Some results on semilinear systems on the unbounded space R3
Dirichlet problem for nonlinear conservation law