Vol. 17 Num. 2, 2004

Vincenzo FERONE and Basilio MESSANO A symmetrization result for nonlinear elliptic equations
Bouchta BOUALI et Mohammed HEMDAOUI Principe d’incertitude qualitatif pour les groupes de Lie nilpotents
Alejandro J. DÍAZ-BARRIGA, Francisco GONZÁLEZ-ACUÑA, Francisco MARMOLEJO, and Leopoldo ROMÁN Active sums I
Functional calculus in weighted group algebras
Youssef AKDIM, Elhoussine AZROUL, and Abdelmoujib BENKIRANE Existence results for quasilinear degenerated equations via strong convergence of truncations
Isabelle BONNARD and Federica PIERONI
Constructible functions on 2-dimensional analytic manifolds
Johannes HUISMAN Real cubic hypersurfaces and group laws
Mohammed MOUSSA On the L2-pointwise regularity of functions in critical Besov spaces
 Erhan ÇALKAN Approximation of holomorphic mappings on infinite dimensional spaces
Maria Rita CASALI Dotted links, Heegaard diagrams, and colored graphs for PL 4-manifolds
Carla DIONISI Stabilizers for nondegenerate matrices of boundary format and Steiner bundles
Isabelle BONNARD-DORÉ Prolongements en fonctions algébriquement constructibles
Yves RAYNAUD The range of a contractive projection in Lp(H)