Vol. 19 Num. 1, 2006

Marcelo VIANA Ergodic theory of interval exchange maps
Gabriela HINOJOSA and Alberto VERJOVSKY Homogeneity of dynamically defined wild knots
Rolci CIPOLATTI, Carlos M. MOTTA, and Nilson C. ROBERTY Stability estimates for an inverse problem for the linear Boltzmann equation
Michael KUNZINGER, Hermann SCHICHL,  Roland STEINBAUER, and James A. VICKERS
Global Gronwall estimates for integral curves on Riemannian manifolds
Soichiro ASAMI On the Kaufman-Harary conjecture for Alexander quandle colorings
Ignacio C. GARIJO Riemann and Klein surfaces with nodes viewed as quotients
David E. EDMUNDS, W. Desmond EVANS, and Georgi E. KARADZHOV Sharp estimates of the embedding constants for Besov spaces
Sergio A. ALBEVERIO, Shavkat A. AYUPOV, and Bakhrom A. OMIROV Cartan subalgebras, weight spaces, and criterion of solvability of finite dimensional Leibniz algebras
 Vladimir P. KOSTOV Root arrangements of hyperbolic polynomial-like functions
Hiroki KODAMA and Peter W. MICHOR The homotopy type of the space of degree 0 — Inmersed plane curves
Frédéric BAYART Boundary behavior and Cesŕro means of universal Taylor series