Vol. 21 Num. 1, 2008

Nigel J. KALTON The nonlinear geometry of Banach spaces
Djamel-Eddine TENIOU, Rachida AIT-YAHIA,
and Dahbia HERNANE
Identifiability and stability of boundaries in a supercritical free surface flow
Jan VYBÍRAL A new proof of the Jawerth-Franke embedding
On conjugacy of p-gonal automorphisms of Riemann surfaces
Angelo FAVINI, Rabah LABBAS,
Keddour LEMRABET, and Boubaker-Khaled SADALLAH
Study of a complete abstract differential equation of elliptic type with variable operator coefficients, I
Dorothee D. HAROSKE and Leszek SKRZYPCZAK Entropy and approximation numbers of embeddings of function spaces with Muckenhoupt weights, I
Eun-Young PARK and Ian BLAKE Construction of extended Steiner systems for information retrieval
Soliman ALKHATIB and Vladimir Petrov KOSTOV The Schur-Szegö composition of real polynomials of degree 2
Irina ASEKRITOVA and Natan KRUGLYAK Invertibility of operators in spaces of real interpolation
C. Martin EDWARDS and Remo V. HÜGLI Decoherence in pre-symmetric spaces
Azzouz AWANE Generalized polarized manifolds
Margherita BARILE On binomial set-theoretic complete intersections in characteristic p