Vol. 4 Num. 1, 1991

Courbes de semi-groupe donné
Christian LEGER
Opérations sur les cartes et métamorphoses de la catégorie des G-ensembles 
Süleyman ÖNAL and Tosun TERZIOGLU A normability condition on locally convex spaces
About the existence of integrable solutions of a functional-integral equation
  Minoru KOBAYASHI Contact normal submanifolds and contact generic normal submanifolds in Kenmotsu manifolds
 Francisco GONZÁLEZ ACUÑA and Hamish SHORT Cyclic branched coverings of knots and homology spheres
  Michel CHIPOT and Robert KERSNER On a critical threshold for nonlinear diffusion equations
Joăo-Paulo DIAS and Mario FIGUEIRA On the existence of weak solutions for a semilinear singular hyperbolic system