Vol. 6 Num. 1, 1993

The tensor product of triples as multilinear product 
Abdenacer MAKHLOUF
The irreducible components of the nilpotent associative algebras
Jesús M. F. CASTILLO and Fernando SÁNCHEZ Dunford-Pettis-like properties of continuous vector function spaces
Mario C. MATOS
On multilinear mappings of nuclear type 
  Päivi MATTILA and Jari TASKINEN Remarks on bases in a Fréchet function space
 Jari TASKINEN A continuous surjection from the unit interval onto the unit square
  Javier CAMPOS, Fernando PLO, and Maxi SAN MIGUEL Boundedness on stochastic Petri nets
Yurii G. RYKOV On the behavior of generalized solutions to genuinely nonlinear first order equations for small and large values of time
Jean VELIN and François DE THÉLIN Existence and nonexistence of nontrivial solutions for some nonlinear elliptic systems