Vol. 6 Num. 2, 1993

Multiplicity of a foliation on proyective spaces along an integral curve
Chistopher BOYD
Distinguished preduals of spaces of holomorphic functions 
Jesús M. F. CASTILLO and Juan A. LÓPEZ MOLINA Dunford-Pettis-like properties of projective and natural tensor product spaces
On strongly Pettis integrable functions in locally convex spaces
  Giovanni EMMANUELE Answer to a question by M. Feder about K(X,Y)
 Janusz J. CHARATONIK Local connectivity, open homogeneity and hyperspaces
  Robert DALMASSO Positive radial solutions for semilinear biharmonic equations in annular domains
M. Rosaria POSTERARO and Roberta VOLPICELLI Comparison results for a class of variational inequalities
Évariste SÁNCHEZ-PALENCIA On the membrane approximation for thin elastic shell in the hyperbolic case
Lisa SANTOS On the variational inequality approach to compressible flows via hodograh method