Vol. 8 Num. 2, 1995

Michael A. BUCHNER
Embedding of real varieties and their subvarieties into Grassmannians
A. B. CABELLO and Zbigniew HAJTO
Stratifications adapted to finite families of differential 1-forms (Pfaffian geometryPart one) 
Grzegorz GROMADZKI Metabelian groups acting on compact Riemann surfaces
Mittag-Leffler methods in Analysis
  Tingfu WANG, Cuixia HAO and Minli LI On the WM points of Orlicz function spaces endowed with Luxemburg norm
 Josť F. PRIDA Aleatoriedad e inmunidad
  Francesca AICARDI Remarks on the symmetries of planar fronts
Paola CRISTOFORI, Carlo GAGLIARDI, and L. GRASSELLI Heegaard and regular genus of 3-manifolds with boundary
Eleni BISOGNIN Hyperbolic parabolic equations with nonlinearity of Kirchoff-Carrier type
Marko A. ROJAS-MEDAR and Sebastian A. LORCA An error estimate uniform in time for spectral Galerkin approximations for the equations for the motion of a chemical active fluid
Juan A. SORIANO Controlabilidad exacta de la Ecuación del Telégrafo Generalizada