Prof. Ana Inés Gómez de Castro

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Full professor in Astronomy and Astrophysics and member of the Mathematics Faculty in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Principal Investigator of the Spanish participation in the space telescope Spektr-UF/WSO-UV. Director of the Research Group AEGORA. Vicepresident of Division B (Facilities, Technologies and Data Science) of the Unión Astronómica Internacional. 


Teaching: Information on on-going courses during the present academic year and materials for students: programs, bibliography, assignments and on-line lectures - all contents are in Spanish

Research: Access to the webs of AEGORA (Complutense Research Group on Space Astronomy - only in Spanish), the  WSO-UV (Project to build and operate the ultraviolet space telescope WSO-UV) and the NUVA (Network for UltraViolet Astronomy)

Outreach & Education: grants access to some outreach articles. It is also the door to educational projects intended to promote Inquire Based Scientific Education (IBSE) in the High School System: Hands-on Universe - Spain (HOU-España only in Spanish), the Galileo Teacher Training Program-GTTP, and the Small Radiotelescope of the research group.

Contents are in English or Spanish depending on the activity/project.