A group of colleagues and friends of Professor J. Ildefonso Díaz are organizing an International Congress in his honour to commemorate his 60th birthday. The topic is nonlinear models in partial differential equations arising in many problems in science and engineering, in which professor Díaz has been working since 1975.

The Congress will take place in Toledo, south of Madrid, in Palacio Lorenzana, calle del Cardenal Lorenzana, s/n 45071-Toledo. It is a historical building of the Castilla-La Mancha University.

The Scientific Committee, is formed by Professors H. Brezis (President), H. Amann, S.N. Antontsev,  A. Friedman, R. Glowinski, A. Liñán, E. Sánchez-Palencia and R. Temam. They all have accepted to deliver a lecture.

In order to build a warm atmosphere in the event there will be no parallel sessions, as in many similar events, so that every one of the participants can attend all the talks. The number of invited talks in the programme will be limited to thirty, trying to cover aspects of the different fields in which Ildefonso has worked during his scientific activity.   

Poster sessions are also possible in the Congress. Besides the talks and posters , all participants are welcome to present a written communication. A special issue of the journal Differential Equations and Applications (ISSN: 1847-120X) containing selected works presented at the Congress will be edited shortly after the conference.

All participants in the Congress, both invited talks, posters and written communications, must submit abstracts. See some important dates to the Congress for more details.

We invite you to participate in the Congress. In order to do so please click on the link register. 

The Organizing Committee is formed by A. C. Casal (President), J. F. Padial, J. I. Tello, L. Tello (Univ. Politecnica, Madrid); H. Herrero, R. Martín, P. Pedregal, V. M. Pérez García (Univ. Castilla-La Mancha); G. Díaz, A. M. Ramos, (Univ. Complutense, Madrid); J-M. Rakotoson (Univ. Poitiers); L. Alvarez, (Univ. Las Palmas); G. Galiano (Univ. Oviedo); J. Hernández (Univ. Autónoma, Madrid); E. Schiavi (Univ. Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid)

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