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Instructions to Authors

Submission of manuscripts

All papers have to be submitted on line. Instructions for the edition and submission of manuscripts can be found at https://www.editorialmanager.com/remc/.

Editorial process

Papers are sent to one referee for evaluation and criticism. The final decision of acceptation of a paper is always taken by the Editor-in-Chief. The correspondent author of an accepted paper will receive galley proofs before publication. This will be the only set of proofs sent to authors for correction.

Editorial policy

The journal accepts research and survey papers that meet the following criteria:

Research papers

These are unpublished research texts. They must contain sufficient information to allow the reader to repeat easily the work carried out by the author. Furthermore, the reader should be able to both evaluate results and conclusions in relation to the existing bibliography; and to situate the paper in the appropriate area of interest of contemporary mathematics. Short papers including elegant new proofs of known results may also be considered for publication.

Survey papers

These are research works on published or unpublished results presenting a clear, noteworthy and high quality exposition of significant aspects of contemporary mathematics. In particular, each year the Santaló lecturer of the Faculty of Mathematics is invited to submit a survey on his/her invited lecture.

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