Vol. 18 Num. 2, 2005

Igor VAJDA, Arnost VESELÝ, and Jana ZVÁROVÁ On the amount of information resulting from empirical and theoretical knowledge
Lucie BAUDOUIN Existence and regularity of the solution of a time dependent Hartree-Fock equation coupled with a classical nuclear dynamics
Xinping CUI, Arjun K. GUPTA, and Daya K. NAGAR Wilks’ factorization of the complex matrix variate Dirichlet distributions
Masshour I. ALALI, Christoph HERING, and Anni NEUMAN
A number theoretic approach to Sylow r-subgroups of classical groups
Boumediene ABDELLAOUI, Veronica FELLI, and Ireneo PERAL A remark on perturbed elliptic equations of Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg type
Florian Luca
.121221222... is not quadratic
Pietro Sabatino Boundedness for threefolds in P6 containing a smooth ruled surface as hyperplane section
Tilak Bhattacharya A note on non-negative singular infinity-harmonic functions in the half-space
 Yoko Mizuma Ribbon knots of 1-fusion, the Jones polynomial, and the Casson-Walker invariant
Rubén A. Hidalgo Schottky uniformizations of Z22 actions on Riemann surfaces
Eric Westenberger Real hypersurfaces with many simple singularities
Oscar Blasco and M. Amparo Pérez On functions of integrable mean oscillation
Thomas Kühn Entropy numbers of general diagonal operators
Didier D'Acunto and Vincent Grandjean A gradient inequality at infinity for tame functions