Vol. 7 Num. 1, 1994

Henryk HUDZIK, Congxin WU, and Yining YE
Packing constant in Musielak-Orlicz sequence spaces equipped with the Luxemburg norm
Marian NOWAK
A generalized mixed topology on Orlicz spaces
Ryszard PLUCIENNIK and Yuwen WANG Metric projections and best approximants in Bochner-Orlicz spaces
Tingfu WANG and Zhongrui SHI
On the locally uniformly weak star rotundity of Orlicz spaces
  Toru IKEDA Link types under twisting solid tori with essential boundaries
 Shin-Ichi KAWAMOTO Codimension reduction for real submanifolds of a complex hyperbolic space
  Kouki TANIYAMA Link homotopy invariants of graphs in R³
Cornelis J. VAN DUIJN and A. STRAATHOF Traveling waves for gas-solid reactions
Luis SÁNCHEZ A note on nontrivial periodic solutions of dynamical systems with subquadratic potential