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gregorio tirado domínguez




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    Department of Statistics and Operations Research.

    Faculty of Mathematics.

     Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

    Plaza de Ciencias 3. Ciudad Universitaria. 28040, Madrid. España.



  • Office: 303-K (third floor). Faculty of Mathematics.

  • E-mail:

  • Telephone: (+34) 91 394 43 77. Fax: (+34) 394 46 06.




Teaching (course 2011/2012)

1º semester

  • OPTIMIZACIÓN (Doble Grado Ingeniería Informática - Matemáticas).              

  • MODELOS DETERMINÍSTICOS EN LOGÍSTICA (Máster Ingeniería Matemática).

2º semester

  • INVESTIGACIÓN OPERATIVA (Grado Matemáticas).  



  • I recently finished my PhD, focused on a vehicle routing problem that is called

    Double Traveling Salesman Problem with Multiple Stacks (DTSPMS).

    If you want to know more about this problem click here.

  • I am also working on the Green Vehicle Routing Problem, a version of the VRP with electrical vehicles.
    To download the data sets of the benchmark instances (100, 200 and 400 customers)
    we have used, click here.

  • Interest areas:

                             Mathematical programming.                        Combinatorial Optimization.   

                                    Vehicle routing problems.                             Metaheuristics.

  • I am also working on the Multiple Vehicle Pickup and Delivery Problem with LIFO constraints and Maximum Time (PDPLT). The data instances we are using and the best lower and upper bounds we have found are available here.

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Last conferences attended

  • FLINS 2012. Istambul (Turkey), August 2012.
  • FUZZYMAD 2013. Madrid (Spain), November 2013.

Next conferences to attend

  • VeRoLog 2014. Oslo (Norway), June 2014.

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Last publications

  • Tirado G, Hvattum LM, Fagerholt K, Cordeau JF.  Heuristics for Dynamic and Stochastic Routing in Industrial Shipping. Computers and Operations Research 40: 253–263 (2013).

  • Alonso-Ayuso A, Tirado G, Udías A.  On a selection and scheduling problem in automatic storage and retrieval warehouses. International Journal of Production Research 51(17): 5337-5353 (2013).

  • Liberatore F, Vitoriano B, Ortuño MT, Tirado G, Scaparra MP. A hierarchical compromise model for the joint optimization of recovery operations and distribution of emergency goods in Humanitarian Logistics. Computers & Operations Research. 42: 3-13 (2014).

  • Tirado G, Martín-Campo FJ, Ortuño MT, Vitoriano B. A lexicographical dynamic flow model for relief operations, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 7 (Sup1): 45-57 (2014).

  • Rennemo, SJ, Fougner Ro, K., Hvattum LM, Tirado G.  A Three-Stage Stochastic Facility Routing Model for Humanitarian Logistics Planning. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 62: 116–135 (2014).


Research proyects

  • Modelos matemáticos de ayuda a la decisión para logística en intervención en desastres y emergencias.

  • Sistemas de Ayuda a la Decisión y Resolución de Conflictos.

  • Optimización para la movilidad sostenible.

  • Sistemas de Ayuda a la Decisión con Preferencias Difusas.

  • Construcción de sistemas de ayuda a la decisión con incertidumbre lingüística.

  • Modelos y métodos de programación matemática y sus aplicaciones (Óptimos 2).

  • Modelos de ayuda a la decisión en logística humanitaria.

  • Ayuda a la decisión con información difusa y criterios múltiples. Aplicación a la gestión de desastres.

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