Valeri A. Makarov

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Artifact removal method based on the wavelet enhanced Independent Component Analysis (wICA)

Original package: wICA
Updated Oct. 2012 (no extra packages are required): wICA_2

For details see: Castellanos N. P. and Makarov V. A. Recovering EEG brain signals: Artifact suppression with wavelet enhanced independent component analysis. Neurosci. Methods 158, 300-312, 2006.

Analysis of LFP generators (ICAofLFPs package for Matlab, 2015)

Package v. 1.02 (Sept. 16, 2020: some fixes): Link to the download form
Installation instruction: Reedme

Basic (short) help: pdf

Test data file: Sch_Lac_Aleat_Generadores_ICA.mat (91 MB!)
The file contains raw LFPs and already found LFP-generators (you can play around and, e.g., crosscheck your generators with ours).

An example of smr data file (Cambridge Electronic Design) EEG_0001.smr (39 MB!)
The file has 32 channels of raw LFPs recorded from the rat hippocampus. Use "1 linear" for electrode arrangement inside ICAofLFPs.

Have a look at: New uses of LFPs: Pathway-specific threads obtained through spatial discrimination Neuroscience Forefront Review, 2015.