Vol. 21 Num. 2, 2008

María José PACIFICO and José L. VIEITEZ Entropy-expansiveness and domination for surface diffeomorphisms
Edwin D. EL-MAHASSNI Distribution of the power generator over a residue ring for parts of the period
Yvan MARTEL and Frank MERLE Note on coupled linear systems related to two soliton collision for the quartic gKdV equation
Stanislaus MAIER-PAAPE, Ulrich MILLER, Konstantin MISCHAIKOW, and Thomas WANNER
Rigorous numerics for the Cahn-Hilliard equation on the unit square
Bujar Xh. FEZJULLAHU Divergent Cesŕro means of Jacobi-Sobolev expansions
Kazuhiro ICHIHARA and Akira USHIJIMA Strongly invertible knots, rational-fold branched coverings, and hyperbolic spatial graphs
Dominik MICHEL A general Hilbert space approach to framelets
Elke WOLF Weighted composition operators between weighted Bergman spaces and weighted Banach spaces of holomorphic functions
Juan A. BARCELÓ, Jonathan M. BENNETT,
Anthony CARBERY, Alberto RUIZ,
and M. Cruz VILELA
A note on weighted estimates for the Schrödinger operator
Maribel LOAIZA and Harald UPMEIER Toeplitz C*-algebras on super-Cartan domains
Hugo AIMAR, Ivana GÓMEZ,
and Bibiana IAFFEI
Maximal function estimates for the parabolic mean value kernel
Ioan POP and Alina TOFAN Cofibrations and bicofibrations for C*-algebras
Maryia KABANAVA Tempered Radon measures