Programmes 2017

Nonlinear PDEs and applications J. Ildefonso Díaz Díaz
Research in mathematical education at university level Inés Mª Gómez Chacón
Spatial heterogeneities in nonlinear parabolic problems Juián López Gómez
Cognitive systems and neurorobotics Valery Makarov Slizneva
Mathematical models in science and technology with an interdisciplinary approach Ángel Manuel Ramos del Olmo and José María Rey Cabezas
Interactions of functional analysis with algebra, geometry and topology Juan Benigno Seoane Sepúlveda
Mars exploration science (MES): Analysis, modelling and exploitation of data Luis Vázquez Martínez
Mathematics in quantum information Ignacio Villanueva Díez
DEC-HUMLOG: Decision aid models for humanitarian logistics and development Begoña Vitoriano Villanueva
Development and implementation of Bayesian methods and design of a user interface for the analysis of contingency tables and expression data Miguel Ángel Gómez Villegas