Talks of speakers (please, click on the names to see the abstracts)

H. Amann: On some singular parabolic equations
N.S. Antontsev: Wave equation with p(x,t) - Laplacian and damping term: existence and blow-up
H. Attouch: On some singular differential equations arising in the modeling of non-elastic shocks in unilateral mechanics and decision sciences
C. Bandle: Asymptotic behavior of solutions of elliptic and parabolic problems blowing up at the boundary
A. Bermúdez de Castro: Finite element solution of potential flows past sails
L. Boccardo: Dirichlet problems with singular convection terms and applications with and without Ildefonso
H. Brezis: Jacobians revisited
V. Caselles: On the entropy conditions for some flux limited diffusion equations
J.M. Chipot: Some asymptotic issues for variational inequalities
C. Conca: Effective chemical processes in porous media
J. Fleckinger: On nodal domains of u solution to -Δu =μu + f, uϵH10(Ω) and μ close to an eigenvalue
A.C. Fowler: Apocalypse now: considerations of past and future climate using generalised energy balance models
A. Friedman: Free boundary problems arising in cancer models
J. Giacomoni: Some contributions about degenerate parabolic equations
R. Glowinski: On a conjecture by C. Sundberg: A numerical investigation
M.A. Herrero: New and old problems in Applied Mathematics
G. Hetzer: Energy balance climate models with bio-feedback
D. Hilhorst: A nonlinear parabolic-hyperbolic system for contact inhibition of cell-growth
A. Liñán: A free boundary problem arising in the analysis of pressure swirl atomizers
H. Matano: Traveling waves in a sawtoothed cylinder and their homogenization limit
F. Murat: An example of functional which is weakly lower semicontinuous on W1,p  for every p>2 but not on H10
T. Nagai: A parabolic-elliptic system of drift-diffusion type with subcritical mass in R2
P. Pedregal: A variational approach to Navier-Stokes
M. Pierre: Optimal shapes with convexity constraint
O. Pironneau: The partial differential equations of Finance
M.A. Pozio: Fujita phenomenon in the hyperbolic space
J.M. Rakotoson: Stellerator model and some properties of the relative rearrangement
E. Sánchez-Palencia: Competition of subspecies and structural stability. Survival of the best adapted or coexistence?
S. Shmarev: Localization properties of solutions of parabolic equations with variable anisotropic nonlinearity
P. Takáč: Travelling waves in a convection-diffusion equation
R. Temam: Pattern formation: The oscillon equation
A. Tesei: Reaction-diffusion equations on Riemannian manifolds
J.L. Vázquez: Nonlinear fractional diffusion equations of porous medium type


Poster of the conference (please, click on the names to see the abstracts)

Tuesday 14
A. Arjona: Numerical solutions of an elastic-gravitational model by the finite element method
H. Chrayteh: Eigenvalue problems with fully discontinuos operators
A. Derlet: Nodal and multiple solutions for a prescribed mean curvature problem
J. Yasappan: Numerical Analysis of a closed loop Thermosyphon model with a viscoelastic fluid
M.C. Naya-Riveiro: Mathematical analysis of a thermoelastic problem
H. Herrero: Vortices in a cylindrical annulus
Wednesday 15
A. Hidalgo Numerical nnalysis of a climate model
J.F. Padial: Nonlinear models in partial differential equations arising in nuclear fusion
N. Smith: Modelling a High-Pressure Shift Freezing Process
M.L. Seoane: On the Lipschitz property of the relative rearrangement
L. Tello: Mathematical treatment of a climatological model with deep ocean effect